Are your first aid supplies up to date?
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Stock up now on first aid items for Back to School
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Is your workplace prepared for a first aid emergency?
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Is your school prepared for a first aid emergency?
Stock up now on first aid items for Back to School
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Together We Can Make Our Schools & Workplaces Safer

The New Year is the perfect time to educate your customers on their requirements for a workplace and school emergency. Ensure that first aid products and equipments are available on your store so that employee’s and students can receive adequate attention in the event of an injury.


Vomit Bags, Gloves and Biohazard Products

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All workplaces, including the self-employed, are expected to meet the Safe Work Australia regulations to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure immediate aid if an employee gets injured or takes ill. In the event of injury or sudden illness, failure to provide first aid could result in serious consequences. 

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Large Range of products

Aero Healthcare offer the largest range of AED accessories, including cabinets with built in security monitoring as well as signage and other First Aid Accessories.


AED Expertise Team

Professional Team dedicated to AEDs (automated external defibrillators) to answer questions and provide assistance to schools who would like to setup AEDs on site.


AED Training Included

Each defib purchased includes access to the online quick start guide to ensure all staff are familiar with and confident in using an AED.


Count on us with after sales support

Aero Healthcare has an experienced team of people dedicated to ensuring your school is confident with your defibrillator.



Australia’s Largest Distribution Network

Aero Healthcare ensures to always have experts on the ground to make sure your school is comfortable with your device.


Long Term Device Management

Aero Healthcare and our distributors will make it easy to own an AED by maintaining your device to ensure batteries and padpaks are replaced on time.

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Educate Your Schools and Workplaces on their First Aid needs

SchollandWorkplaceFirstAidGuidePDFThumbnailBe more confident with Workplace First Aid and educate your customers with our Guide to First Aid in the Workplace. Learn about risk assessments, first aid solutions and workplace requirements for first aid!

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