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Restart a Heart Day 2018

0Australians who suffer SCA outside of a hospital every year… Currently only 10% survive. Find out how you can Save a Life today! A Guide to Defibrillators – How You Can Save a Life Know CPR and Increase the Rates of Survival! Every year more than seven million people globally suffer from a Sudden Cardiac…

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CPR Advisor Explained

The HeartSine Samaritan 500P public access defibrillator is designed to analyse heart rhythm and automatically deliver an electrical shock if it determines one is needed. Voice prompts guide you through the process of defibrillation and through CPR, prompting you to “Push Harder”, “Push Faster”, “Push Slower” or whether you are doing “Good Compressions”. About 70%…

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What are the Main Causes of Death In Your Suburb?

While death is a topic that many of us tend to avoid, the likely causes of death vary from region to region across Australia. Thanks to recent data compiled by the Australian Insititute of Health and Welfare, the national statistics indicate that roughly 40 per cent of deaths in Australia are because of 6 main causes:…

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Surviving Australia’s Most Deadly Snakes

Why Quick Application of Correct First Aid is Critical Australian’s have more than their fair share of deadly snakes. 21 out of the 25 of earth’s most venomous snakes live right here, including the world’s most deadly snake, the Inland Taipan, that is based off the LD50 test on mice (Read more). Despite the extreme…

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Flashback- Aero @ APP2018

  FLASHBACK – Aero at hashtag#APP2018. An excellent conference launching our product developments for pharmacy.  Selected products now available with all major wholesalers! If you weren’t able to make it to the stand feel free to reach out for a discussion on how to drive your First Aid & Wound Care business.  Freecall: 1800 628…

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NSW Government’s Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program close September 14

The Local Sports Defibrillator Grant Program allocates $4 million over four years to assist sporting clubs across NSW in the purchase and maintenance of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Local Sports Defibrillator Program Guidelines An AED is a life-saving device which delivers a controlled shock to an individual experiencing cardiac arrest, dramatically increasing their chances of survival.…

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Staff Empowerment = Customer Satisfaction

It is no longer sufficient to simply offer stable employment in order to attract the best employees. It is becoming more widely realised that staff at all levels of an organisation now need to gain a sense of ownership and pride when it comes to the company that they’re working for. At Aero Healthcare, we…

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A Guide to Defibrillators – How You Can Save a Life

A Guide to Defibrillators – How You Can Save a Life Did you know that with every minute that passes before emergency medical care takes place, the sufferers chance of survival diminishes by 7-10%? When a defibrillator is used it can increase the chance of survival by an astonishing 74%. Recently, we’ve launched a campaign that aims to…

First Aid Kit Give Away

2018 – EOFY First Aid Kit Giveaway

Our Custom Kit Give Away!   Do you know that we custom brand kits?   We’ll make custom first aid kits with your logos and brand colours at no extra cost per kit! We boast the lowest MOQs (minimal order quantity) in the industry, along with an industry leading 1day turnaround. This means that Aero…