Ten Second Triage Aide Memoire Card A5 Size

Product code: EMS-TSTTL-A5


Product overview

NHS Ten Second Triage tool compatible
Quick focus based on casualty condition
Wipes clean with non-permanent marker
Double sided
Simple and effective

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Product description

Presenting the Ten Second Triage (TST) Aide Memoire Card has been developed to help meet the needs of first responders to assign priority ensuring casualties are addressed in the order of urgency. Side 1 of this Ten Second Triage Aide Memoire Card shows the recommended priority triage routes depending on incident characteristics. Each has a ‘yes’, which guides you to the next question, or ‘no’ answer which determines priority (P1, P2 and P3) or Dead. Clinical instruction is highlighted in bold.

  • Walking – Yes = P3
  • Severe bleeding – Yes – Pressure, Tourniquet, Packing = P1
  • Talking – Yes – Penetrating injury (front or back) Yes = P1 – No = P2
  • Breathing – open airway if able – Place in recovery position Yes = P1. No note breathing – CPR if resources allow.
Side 2 of this Aide Memoire then sets out the METHANE model – which brings structure and clarity to the initial stages of managing any multi-agency or major incident.
  • M – Major incident, E – Exact location, T – Type of incident, H – Hazards, A – Access, N – Number of casualties, E – Emergency services.
  • This TST tool then provides option boxes to number how many patients are in each category of priority – P1, P2 and P3 as well as Not Breathing from 1 to 19 patients.
A must-have for those responding to mass casualty events such as frontline service professionals, including the police and fire service.
  • User-friendly design, ensuring quick and effortless application
  • Laminated to be fully weatherproof
  • Easy to write on and wipes clean when used with non-permanent marker
  • Remarkably cost-effective when compared to other alternatives
  • Portable A5 size format
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Standards / Certifications

UKCA Marked, CE Marked


1 x A5 Ten Second Triage Aide Memoire Card

Technical specifications

TST Aide Memoire A5 dimensions (W)14.8cm x (H)21cm

  • MDR Compliant

  • Standards / Certifications

    UKCA Marked, CE Marked

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