Aero Healthcare is an ISO 13485 approved Australian manufacturer offering an innovative range of trusted first aid products and first aid signage which meet (if not exceed) all relevant Australian Federal and State Workplace Safety legislation and regulations. Whether you’re a first aid distributor, first aid equipment supplier, reseller or pharmacist, you’ll find our range extensive and that we’re the right first aid manufacturer and wholesaler to partner with.

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Adhesive Tapes

Aero is renowned as innovative adhesive tape manufacturers and supplies a range of adhesive tapes in wholesale quantities to distributors, resellers, retailers and pharmacists in Australia and internationally. Our adhesive tapes include AeroPlastTM Rigid and Kinesiology sports tapes, which offer lightweight latex-free sport tape solutions and are designed for easy application and removal. We also offer our AeroPoreTM Microporous paper tape, which is a flexible and breathable paper tape for securing dressings, especially to facial and fragile skin.

Airway Management

Aero airway management solutions include the AeroRescueTM Airway Guedel. These disposable airway guedels are available in a range of sizes, enabling rescuers to match the right size guedel to the patient to ensure a correct fit. AeroRescueTM airway guedels are colour-coded to help rescuers to quickly and correctly select a suitable size. Each airway guedel is individually packaged to ensure the highest hygiene standards and the best possible patient outcomes.


Our bandage supplies include the AeroFormTM Bandage, a high-quality yet cost-effective bandage with excellent conforming attributes, and the AeroBanTM Cohesive bandage with its unique ability to stick to itself but not to the patient’s skin. We also offer the AeroCrepeTM Bandage, a cotton crepe bandage recommended for low support requirements that can also be used for dressing retention.

Cases & Cabinets

The AeroBagTM Softpack range is specifically designed to meet the needs of the first aid industry. These first responder emergency and trauma kits are ideal for portable usage and environments where space is limited. Aero first response first aid equipment and supplies also include a range of plastic cabinets suitable for use as a first responder vehicle kit. A range of first aid signage is also available.

Emergency Equipment

Aero offers an extensive first responder equipment and supply product range, which includes disposable masks, face shields and airway guedels. For first responders who need to administer first aid for hypothermia, the BlizzardTM range of hypothermia treatments is the right choice. Renowned for their superior performance using ReflexCellTM technology, these hypothermia treatments feature higher tog ratings, but are compact and lightweight, enabling easy application and storage.

Eye & Wound Irrigation

AeroWashTM Solutions are a safe and trusted remedy for cleaning contaminants from eyes and wounds. Eyewash solutions are available in 15ml and 30ml ampoules, as well as the larger DROPTM Eyewash Stations. Accessories, such as eyewash stations and wall brackets, are also available.

First Aid Kits

As the leading Australian first aid distributor, Aero provides first aid kit refills and medical supplies in wholesale quantities to first responder organisations across the country. The AeroKitTM custom-branded first aid emergency kit is our premier product in this range. Designed and manufactured to suit first responders and end-user needs across in-demand industries, the case and all kit contents meet the latest Australian Federal and State Workplace Safety legislation and regulations.

Medical Consumables

First aid equipment suppliers and distributors rely on Aero for medical consumables that consumers trust. Our medical consumables range is extensive and features some of the most well-known Aero brands, such as AeroAidTMAeroBandTMAeroCoolTM and many more.

Snake Bite Bandages

The AeroFormTM Premium Snake Bite bandage with continuous indicator bandage is an innovative product we’ve designed and delivered exclusively for Australian consumers. Available in short and long sizes, it’s versatile enough to be used for the treatment of all Australian snakes, along with funnel webbed spider bites, cone shell and blue-ringed octopus stings.

Sports Tapes

Aero are the leading sports tape manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers on the Australian market. We design, manufacture and distribute a variety of hypoallergenic, latex-free, kinesiology and rigid sports tape products.

Standard Equipment

The AeroInstrumentTM range offers a wide range of medical-surgical supplies and instruments manufactured from high-quality stainless steel components to suit all first aid requirements.

Want to learn more about our first aid products and how to become an Aero first aid distributor? Contact us here.
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