Aero Healthcare is an ISO 13485 approved Australian medical consumables manufacturer and the leading wholesaler of medical and surgical supplies on the Australian market. From our headquarters in Armidale, NSW, we supply wholesale wound care, medical and surgical supplies to distributors, resellers, pharmacists, hospitals and medical and first aid organisations in all Australian capital cities — Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin — and metropolitan areas.

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All Aero medical consumables are ISO and TGA accredited and approved to the latest Australian standards, and are covered by the Aero 100/100 Quality Guarantee. This guarantee — which no other Australian disposable medical supplies manufacturer offers — provides peace of mind that when you buy Aero medical consumables, like wound care and emergency room medical supplies, your order is 100% covered for 100 days should you wish to return them for any reason!

Adhesive Dressings

Our wound care supplies range is extensive and includes AeroFixTM island dressings, which combine a SupaSorbTM pad with a soft and conformable fixative layer for the simple and effective management of larger wounds, abrasions and sutured wounds. We also offer waterproof island dressings, a post-operative dressing which combines the advantages of AeroFilmTM with a SupaSorbTM absorbent and low adherent dressing pad.

Adhesive Plasters

As Australia’s leading disposable medical supplies manufacturer and distributor of wholesale wound care supplies, we offer a wide selection of benchmark-quality adhesive plasters that deliver the best possible patient outcomes. Our adhesive plaster range includes the AeroPlastTM premium weight fabric adhesive bandage that features the SupaBondTM extra strong adhesive and the AeroPlast Transparent range. This plaster is a transparent aesthetic film that blends with every skin tone a waterproof barrier in a plaster form with a full range of sizes available. The AeroPlastTM range also includes detectable bandages for use in the hospitality, food service and food manufacturing sectors.

Fabric Plasters

The AeroPlastTM Premium fabric bandage range is available in a wide range of sizes as well as specialised varieties, such as fingertip and knuckle dressings. These premium weight fabric adhesive bandages feature innovative Aero technologies, including the SupaBondTM extra strong adhesive, SupaSorb™ wound pad and VEND™ rip off top.

Island Dressings

Aero wound care supplies include a range of island dressings. AeroFixTM Conformable Island Dressings provide a comfortable dressing for protecting cuts, grazes and sutures using our Latex Free SupaBondTM adhesive, while AeroFilmTM Plus Island Dressings provide a water and bacteria-proof dressing to cover post operative sites, cuts, grazes and sutures.

Gauzes and Swabs

The AeroSwabTM Gauze Swab is a highly absorbent cotton gauze swab. When soaked in fluid it becomes an ideal item to clean and prepare wounds for dressing, and is one of our most popular emergency room medical supplies.

Medical Consumables

Aero leads Australian medical and surgical supplies manufacturers in the design and production of medical consumables. Our innovative medical consumables include the highly absorbent AeroSwabTM Gauze Swab, the AeroPadTM Low Adherent dressing which is recommended for treating cuts, grazes and minor burns, and AeroBurnTM burn treatments to offer immediate cooling and soothing of burns, helping to prevent blistering and infection.

Non-Adherent Dressings

The AeroPadTM Non-Adherent Dressings range includes the AeroPadTM Low Adherent dressing. These dressing pads are recommended for treating cuts, grazes and minor burns, and feature the specialised SupaSorbTM technology. The non-adherent film on each side of the pad minimises wound trauma when changing dressings, making it an essential medical and surgical product.

Plastic Plasters

The AeroPlastTM Plastic Dressing is a washproof sheer plaster recommended for all general applications. Available in a range of sizes and quantities, with eye-catching packaging that stands out on pharmacy shelves.

Transparent Plasters

For a transparent aesthetic film that blends with every skin tone and provides a waterproof barrier in a plaster form, the AeroPlastTM Transparent range is a top choice, and is available in a full range of sizes.

Visual/Detectable Plasters

The AeroPlastTM Premium Detectable plaster is a premium latex-free, hypo-allergenic, visual and metal detectable plaster specifically designed for the food manufacturing and processing sector.

Wound Closure Strips

Our essential emergency room medical products include the AeroPlastTM Wound Closure strips. These premium wound care supplies offer a painless alternative for the closure of minor wounds without the need for stitching.

To find out more about ordering Aero medical consumables and wound care supplies in wholesale quantities, contact us here.

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